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WebRTC is the new buzzword in the IT industry. This new technology turns the browser into a voice and video telephone. The user opens the browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone and can then talk to another user from browser to browser. No additional device or soft phone is required. The communication happens over the internet, fully secured with HTTPS and DTLS-SRTP.

(Browsers supporting WebRTC in january 2015, Crome, Firefox and Opera)

WebRTC by innovaphone

WebRTC has been built directly into the innovaphone UC platform and supports WebRTC consistently on all units, without any need for a separate WebRTC Gateway. In doing so, WebRTC is integrated in the system as any other phone or soft phone and can be used as an independent extension. Their WebRTC implementation makes it possible to use chat, presence and call to any other user. This can be done on any platform - from PC to mobilephone - all with no need for installation, provided that the available browser supports WebRTC.

WebRTC Tryout

If you are interested in testing WebRTC, HCTECH has several fully functional demos based on the innovaphone UC platform. Just email us to WebRTC@hctech.se and we will give you the needed login info to HCTECH WebRTC demo.